Ambium® Lighting, a general high quality ambient illumination, that creates special atmospheres. Designed to attract and engage, surprise and delight, uplift and inspire. So flexible you can change it to reflect every mood and moment. Ambium® lighting is a way to express your emotions, add drama and bring objects to life. Based on bright white, single bin, LEDs, multicolored LEDs or several shades of white, your Ambium® Solution will emphasize a building, a room or an object.

PRODUCTS Slimbright LEDline
Showcase Dynamic LEDwall

Slimbright Series

Constantly improving light output and the quality of light, the Slimbright 300 is extremely robust and flexible. Guaranteed uniform color bin and lighting. This Slimbright is adjustable in length and very easy to install with tape or mounting clips to suit all your lighting designs and applications. 

 Suitable for all your architectural lighting. Slimbright is highly efficient and of supreme quality.


Flexline Serie

The Ambium® Flexline is a flexible and very robust LED string without noticing the individual LED nodes. Just one straight line of light. For line lighting it remembers of Neon lighting.

Available in different shades of white, red, green, blue colors or RGB with single white point makes this product usable in plural projects.


LEDLine Series

The Ambium ® LEDline is a rigid LEDstrip which ensures linear light in all forms and sizes. Designed for indoor cove lighting, shelf and cupboard lighting as well as general illumination. The modules can be easily joined together to make a seamless light line or lighted surface. 



The Koledo Showcase has a unique consistency in color and performance and will draw your customers to the light and let your product sell itself. Showcase is designed in a 45 degrees aluminum profile what gives the product a clean and streamlined look. 

Other forms, shapes and covers are available from our Showcase chart.



This LED curtain from Koledo is one of the newest products in the Ambium range. The LED curtain solution provides a unique experience and incredible homogeneous light with a high consistency in color and performance. It is perfect for all types of spaces where you need to have a big surface of white ambient lighting. Use it as a conventional ceiling or use it if you need extreme illumination of single sided box letters. 

Koledo LEDcurtain will eliminate all shades you have with conventional lighting and deliver daylight illumination inside.


Dynamic Ledwall

Dynamic LEDwall enhances interiors with light, DuPont™ Corian® or textiles and dynamic digital content. It integrates multi-colored LEDs behind a wall made with DuPont™ Corian® in white color bringing spaces to life! 

Dynamic LEDwalls are a perfect way to attract, inspire, surprise and delight everyone in retail, healthcare, hotels and hospitality locations.

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All of the Ambium products are thoroughly tested and certified by several different organizations, like CE, cUL, RoHS, Reach and UVA & UVB tested.



Koledo® is pleased to provide extended warranty for its products. Our warranty covers Ambium® LED components operated on a Koledo certified power supply when installed by a certified installation company. KOLEDO® warrants each Ambium® LED component installed on a certified power supply to comply with its respective published specifications, to be free from defects in material, workmanship, title, and to operate from the date of manufacture for the time periods and subject to the Terms and Conditions specified in our “Total performance system warranty” document. If a KOLEDO® LED component fails to operate for the warranty period, KOLEDO® will provide a free replacement component in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. If a certified power supply fails to operate within the warranty period, KOLEDO® will provide a free replacement power supply in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Please follow this link to our warranty form.



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