Create special atmospheres

Ambium® Lighting, a general high quality ambient illumination, that creates special atmospheres. Designed to attract and engage, surprise and delight, uplift and inspire. So flexible you can change it to reflect every mood and moment. Ambium® lighting is a way to express your emotions, add drama and bring objects to life. Based on bright white, single bin, LEDs, multicolored LEDs or several shades of white, your Ambium® Solution will emphasize a building, a room or an object.


Slimbright indoor & outdoor:
Bring objects to life

Constantly improving light output and the quality of light, the Slimbright is extremely robust and flexible. Guaranteed uniform color bin and lighting. This Slimbright is adjustable in lenght and very easy to install.


Solution for all your architectural lighting projects

The Ambium Flexline is a flexible and very robust LEDstring without noticing the individual LED nodes. Just one straight line of light. For line lighting it remembers of Neon lighting.

Available in different shades of white, red, green, blue colors or RGB with single white point makes this product usable in plural projects.

Slimline color

Extremely efficient compared to Neon

The Slimline serie, is a flexible LED line made to replace conventional Neon light. Designed with the highest possible quality in mind, triple A-brand LEDs, suitable for all your architectural lighting projects.

The RGB Slimline is a full color changing system, ranging from spot color changes-RGB-, to a smooth change across the full spectrum with the help of our RGB DMX controller.

The Koledo colour explosion!